The Official Illinois March Madness Basketball T-Shirt

The Official Illinois March Madness Basketball T-Shirt

flat image of the official illinois basketball march madness t-shirt from the illini store

Now that the Fighting Illini won the Big Ten basketball tournament championship, the hype keeps growing for the team. 

What an exciting and wild ride it has been. At the beginning of the year it would have been hard to predict that we'd be in this position. Now that we are, we couldn't be more ready for this!

As an officially licensed Illinois t-shirt manufacturer, we knew that now was the time for us to step up. We've released an entire line of new official tournament shirts for a deep Illini run!

It's been a long time since Illinois basketball has been in this position. We are your home for Illinois basketball apparel!

We know there are a lot of great Illini shirts out there. I mean any shirt that reps the Illini is a great shirt, amirite?! But not every shirt can be called the Official March Madness T-Shirt. Only this shirt can. Get hyped for March Madness, the first one in too long for the Fighting Illini, with this shirt that proudly shows your Illini pride now and forever.

You can order this shirt today on our website or find it at our Illini Pop-Up Shop in Chicago (1134 W. Armitage)